We are dog people
We welcome your dog into our pack with all-day play, a clean and safe environment, and convenient locations that fit into your routine.
Tail Haven
We understand dog behavior
We have our own slow integration process

Our mission at The Tail Haven is to be a home away from home for our canine clients. Our comprehensive training makes us uniquely qualified to exceed your expectations with extensive knowledge of dog handling, care, and behavior. At The Tail Haven, we are not dog sitters—we are dog people. That means treating every dog with compassion and care, and loving them as if they were our own. It also means creating personalized experiences for both dogs and their owners, beginning with our slow integration process.

Our slow integration process means that we work with your dog and take the time to get to know them, in order to ensure that they can enjoy their time at The Tail Haven to the fullest. We give your dog time to become comfortable with the sights, sounds, and staff members on our team before they are introduced to group play. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring that The Tail Haven is a safe, engaging, and healthy environment for your furry friend.

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We Understand Dog Behavior
We designed our place unlike any other

We understand that dogs learn from their environment—so we designed our campuses to create a positive space where dogs can run, jump, and play to their heart’s content.

Our Staff Loves your dog and you

There’s nothing more important to us than forming strong bonds between our staff, our canine clients, and you—their owner. See what our clients and employees have to say about their experiences at The Tail haven.

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