What Training is Included in Your Membership with The Tail Haven

Here at The Tail Haven everything we do is geared toward making sure your pup leaves our care as a happier, healthier, better socialized version of their little K9 selves than when they came.  The foundation of this system begins with ensuring we have a personal relationship with every pup in our care, and a minimal level of training authority with every member of The Tail Haven.  This level of training is what is covered by your membership fee at The Tail Haven.  Every dog in our facility spends one-on-one time with a trainer who works with them to build relationship, get to know how they deal with stress, figure out what their thresholds for stress are, and to introduce them to the environment and other dogs in a controlled and therapeutic way.  This is our way of ensuring every one of our guests has a safe and stress-free stay with us!

Additional Training Options Through Pet Dog USA LLC

If you are interested in more than just a basic Membership level of training, we also offer private dog training consultations, private dog training packages, behavior modification contracts, custom training, service dog training, and more through Pet Dog USA.

The Tail Haven Hotel & Day Lounge is fully owned and operated by Pet Dog USA Professional Dog Training and our fearless leader, Emily Ronnow.