The Tail Haven Special Care Services

For customers who cannot take time off to care for a dog who has suffered surgery or illness the Tail Haven offers a separate, quiet and comfortable, recuperative area. Those dogs needing monitoring, medications, and or extra attention will find a caring staff to attend to its special needs and assure your Vet’s instructions are being followed.

What Is Included in Tail Haven Special Care Services

Transport from your Vet Hospital or Clinic to the Tail Haven after your dog’s release.
Medication administration including:
• Topical meds
• Oral meds
• Injections
• Pain management
Physical therapy or activity per your Vet’s instructions.
If complications should evolve the Tail Haven will contact you and/or your Vet staff immediately. If a follow up Vet visit is advised, The Tail Haven will coordinate with you and your Vet staff to make the arrangements. Vet transport is available for Special Care clients at an additional fee (to be determined by the time required and distance traveled).