A stay at The Tail Haven is all inclusive, with lots of love and play for every one of our pups every day. Our hours of operation for Drop Off and Pick UP are 7AM to 7PM Monday through Friday8AM to 5PM on Saturdays, and 9AM to 5PM on Sundays. For the safety of our staff and K9 guests we kindly request all human patrons to please plan ahead when scheduling your travels to ensure our ability to return your pup to you during these hours.

Late arrivals at pick up will be subject to a $5 surcharge for every 5 minutes after our normal operating hours, up to 30 minutes (between 7pm and 7:30pm Monday through Friday, and between 5PM and 5:30PM on Saturdays and Sundays), after which time your pup will be rolled over to additional night of boarding for the evening.

If you would like to request special arrangements for an EXTENDED HOURS pick up or drop off, please contact our front desk at least 48 hours prior to the affected date for rates and available hours (additional fees will apply). We currently only offer extended hours options on weekends.

Day Lounge guests are always welcome to stay the night if for any reason your plans get altered and you are unable to get back to pick up during these hours.

We look forward to your dog’s stay with us!