Adoption Services

Adding a new member to your family – furry or otherwise, is a big decision. Luckily, Pet Dog USA and The Tail Haven Hotel & Day Lounge are passionate about serving our local community and rescue pups in a number of ways.

Adoption Coaching and Pre-Adoption Counseling

Whether you have already found a pup to love, or are just starting to look, our trainers at Pet Dog USA can help guide the way. Bringing home a new dog will have many long-term effects on your family, lifestyle, and finances . . . much of which are part of the JOY and love we all end up experiencing with our pets! Still, there many things to consider when looking into all those longing eyes at the shelter or rescue events. Many of our clients have found the idea of trying to choose the RIGHT pup for their family a difficult and sometimes overwhelming one. Our Adoption Coaching and Pre-Adoption Counseling services are just the thing for those who have just brought home a new rescue pup, or who are thinking about taking the plunge! Through these services one of our trainers will to get to know you, your family, lifestyle, home environment, and handling experience and make specific recommendations about breed matches, age considerations, and even coach you on things to look for as you meet available dogs.

Adoption Coaching or Pre-Adoption Counseling: $150 per 90 minute session (In-Home)

Ready-To-Go Adoptions

Our Ready-To-Go Adoptions program was founded with the interest in offering the community another way to help dogs in need. Through our connections in the rescue world Pet Dog USA trainers hand select pups from shelters and rescue organizations which we believe could make our future clients a perfect pet. These pups are brought into our homes, evaluated for temperament and environmental soundness, socialized, stabilized from any stress they may have encountered through their journey in the shelters and rescue process, potty trained, and given a basic foundation of training to help ensure the smoothest transition possible to their future forever home. Our Ready-To-Go Adoption pups are trained to a basic obedience level, which means when you take your new love home, they will already understand basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “off” (aka “stop doing whatever you are doing”), “on-your-bed,” “place,” and how to go to a “crate” or “kennel” on command. All of Pet Dog USA’s Ready-To-Go Adoption pups are up-to-date with immunizations, come with a temperament guarantee through Pet Dog USA LLC, and lifetime training support for all basic obedience commands listed above.

Ready-To-Go Adoptions: (Program Not Currently Available) Please contact us if you’d like to request more information on this service.

Foster Dogs

Pet Dog USA also regularly fosters pups at our Tail Haven Hotel directly through a number of local rescue organizations. If you run into us out and about, or see one of our fosters that steals your heart, these pups can be adopted through their sponsoring rescue agency. For better or worse, we are pretty good at what we do, so foster dogs don’t stay with us for too long before they find their forever home. Please contact us if you are interested in one of our foster dogs!

If you are interested in more information about Adoption Coaching, Pre-Adoption Counseling, our Ready-To-Go Adoption program, Foster dogs, or any other services, please contact us.