Active Dog Day Camp for Dogs!

Active Dog Day Adventures was founded as a private program in August of 2011 with the vision of offering existing training clients of mine (and others who had taken the time to train off-leash obedience behaviors in their dogs) a day-care/dog-walking alternative that was designed to reinforce existing training rather than undoing it.

We quickly grew through word of mouth from just a few dogs to what was then a full route and we haven’t looked back since! We have learned a great deal about what it takes to manage large groups of dogs safely off-leash, and pride ourselves on truly being among the best in this genre out there.

This program is perfect for those who find themselves busy long hours during the day. We offer a full day of off-leash play on our private 5 acre location with pick up and drop off services included. There really is nothing for productivity quite like knowing your pup is out having the time of their lives while you are away!

You wont find any long faces here… We offer dog walking services in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Danville, Alamo, Orinda, Moraga and surrounding areas. During your busy day, our Day Camp pups are out running the hills, playing fetch with their friends, swimming in our private pond, and enjoying all that goes along with being part of a healthy well balanced pack!

Check out our photos to see some of our latest Active Dog Day Camp pics!